The measures in the hotel of the Orange Women in Chiba were relaxed on Thursday, after national coach Sarina Wiegman publicly expressed her concern on Wednesday about the extreme conditions during the Olympic football tournament.

The selection may now enter the hotel garden and no longer have to use the goods entrance.

Wiegman said on Wednesday after the 10-3 victory over Zambia that the players and staff of the Orange felt like prisoners and that the rules are much stricter than in the Olympic village in Tokyo.

"We are not even allowed to sit in an empty public space in the hotel. Or on a bench. Then a guard will come and get you straight away. That really has to change. This does not make anyone happy," said Wiegman.

The Orange Women's complaints were shared by other teams.

That led to an appeal to the organization.

This has been listened to and relaxations have now been implemented.

Of course to the joy of the KNVB, which emphasizes the importance of the mental health of athletes.


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Players are allowed to walk in park

The Orange Women are now allowed to enter the hotel through the main entrance and the lobby and are no longer obliged to use the freight elevator.

In addition, there will be a place in the spacious hotel garden where the players and staff can come.

It is now also allowed to walk in the park next to the hotel, provided there are no other guests.

A spokesperson for the KNVB says that the Orange selection is happy that life in the bubble is normalized slightly.

The players understand that the basic rules are still in effect.

They are not allowed to visit places outside the hotel, must wear face masks and must keep a distance of 1.5 meters.

For the time being, the Orange players are still staying at the hotel in Chiba.

That is near Miyagi, where the second group match against Brazil will be played on Saturday.

The Brazilian women started the Games on Wednesday with a 5-0 win over China.


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