China News Service, Tokyo, July 22. According to Japanese media reports, on the afternoon of July 21, the results of the Tokyo Olympics table tennis draw were announced.

The Chinese men's table tennis team was divided into the upper half and the Japanese team was divided into the lower half. This means that the Chinese and Japanese men's teams will not meet before the finals, and the Japanese men's team won the gold show "good omen."

  According to the results of the draw, in the men's team competition, the Chinese team faced the Egyptian team in the first round, and the Japanese team faced the Australian team in the first round.

In the 2016 Rio Olympics, the Japanese men's table tennis team won the silver medal.

The Japanese men's team, which aims to win medals in this Olympics, sent three players, Tomowa Zhangmoto, Takaki Niwa, and Hayabusa Mizutani.

The Chinese men's table tennis team sent Ma Long, Fan Zhendong, and Xu Xin, and they are undoubtedly the strongest among the participating teams.

  According to reports, due to the impact of the new crown epidemic, the table tennis draw for the Tokyo Olympics will be conducted online.

Japanese men's table tennis coach Yosuke Kurashima said that the current Chinese team is the most powerful in winning gold. If bad luck, the Japanese team may meet the Chinese team before the final.

  In addition, since the mixed doubles event of table tennis became an Olympic event for the first time, the result of the mixed doubles draw has also attracted the attention of the Japanese media.

The Chinese team sent a combination of Xu Xin and Liu Shiwen to be divided into the upper half and will face the Canadian combination in the first game; the Japanese team's Mizutani Hayabusa and Ito Mima are divided into the lower half, and the first game will face the Austrian combination.