It was found that four people staying in the Olympic Village, including two players who came to Japan to participate in the Tokyo Olympics, which starts on the 23rd, were infected with the new coronavirus.

In addition, 12 new cases have been announced, including 6 outsourcers living in Japan, both domestically and overseas.

Prior to the Tokyo Organizing Committee, which will start on the 23rd, the Games Organizing Committee announced that two athletes from overseas were tested positive for the new Corona.

One of them is a Czech national team player for table tennis.

In addition, two people involved in the team staying in the Olympic Village were also found to be positive, and it was found that four people staying in the Olympic Village were infected.

In addition, 6 contractors living in Japan and 2 people involved in the tournament who came to Japan from overseas were also positive, and on the 22nd, 12 new infections were announced in Japan and overseas.

Meanwhile, the number of close contacts between Czech beach volleyball men and coaches, whose infections were announced by the 21st, has been corrected from 12 to 11.