Yusuke Ishijima and Katsuhiro Shiratori, the Japanese national team for beach volleyball at the Tokyo Olympics, practiced for the first time at the actual venue.

On the 22nd, Ishijima and Shiratori started practicing at Shiokaze Park in Shinagawa Ward, Tokyo, which will be the venue for the beach volleyball game, around 10 am to coincide with the start time of the qualifying league match.

Since it was the first time for them to practice at the actual venue, they checked the strength and direction of the wind when practicing with the ball.

At the end of the practice, he checked the movements against the three staff members in a real battle format, and when Ishijima decided the toss given by Shiratori with a powerful spike, he smiled at each other and seemed relaxed from beginning to end.

After the practice, Ishijima, who has participated in the Beijing tournament as a representative of Japan for volleyball, said, "I have been practicing thinking about how to get out after the Tokyo Games are decided, so I want to show that feeling in the game." I was refreshed for the first Olympics in beach volleyball.

In addition, Shiratori, who will participate in the third Olympics, said, "I felt that the direction of the wind was easy to change and the ball was moving. I want to play while drawing the faces of people who support me even if there is no spectator." I was talking.

The beach volleyball men's competition will start on the 24th, and the pair of Ishijima and Shiratori will face the Polish national team in the first match on the 25th.