At 7 pm on the 20th, the Tokyo Gymnasium, where the table tennis game of the Tokyo Olympics was held, was filled with laughter.

The men's and women's table tennis team, who stepped on the ground in Tokyo the day before, were starting full-scale adaptation training.

The main character of the loudest laugh was the youngest member of the women's table tennis team and 'ace' Yubin Shin.

During training as well as during breaks, he never lost his smile as he talked nonstop.

During training, I smiled again while taking pictures of the five-wheeled flags engraved on both sides of the table tennis net.

Shin Yu-bin has been known as a table tennis prodigy since she was 5 years old.

Growing up, he broke various records as the youngest, and after winning the women's national team ticket to Tokyo, he established himself as an ace.

Since I was 5 years old, I had set my goal of advancing to the Tokyo Olympics, and my dream has become a reality.

Maybe that's why Shin Yubin said that he was having a good time in Tokyo.

"I've been to the Tokyo Gymnasium before, so there's not much difference. But when I think of it as the Olympics, it changes. I think everything is strange. It's my first time to go to the Olympic Games, so it's my first time to go to the Olympic Games, so it's all amazing. Teachers say,



me the first time you came




Shin Yu-bin departed through Incheon International Airport with Bonjin of the national team on the 20th, and fashion became a big topic at the time.

From head to toe, he wore a 'full-fitting' protective suit, reminiscent of a quarantine agent.

Shin Yu-bin said, "If you come here because of the corona virus and can't play, it would be a pity to have prepared so far. I thought safety came first. Even after the Olympics, I have to continue playing table tennis, so I think I chose it because it's best to be as safe as possible." said.

According to Shin Yu-bin's father, Shin Yu-bin eats really well regardless of food.

Is that so?

Even though I was prepared for Corona by wearing protective clothing, I don't seem to be able to stop my 'appetite'.

The table tennis team took the radiation detector with them when they heard that food made with ingredients from Fukushima was being served at the Tokyo Olympic Athletes' Village restaurant.

Shin Yu-bin made a thorough check and said that he was eating deliciously.

"I need to eat a little, but the food came out well and I'm eating well. Before eating, I thought, 'Where is the detector, sir?'

I asked and took it out and checked it. Fortunately (radioactivity) doesn't seem to have come out yet. I ate all the lunch boxes that the Korea Sports Association prepared. I'm really enjoying it."

The women's table tennis team, consisting of Shin Yu-bin, Jeon Ji-hee and Choi Hyo-joo, is aiming for a medal in the team event.

Shin Yubin gave a thumbs up saying that he was in really good condition, and the reason was 'Enjoying Table Tennis'.

"I think it's good that Japan is close. It's the same as Korea, but it's the Olympics, so everything is a little strange, and because it's my first time playing table tennis with interest, I feel like I'm enjoying myself and my condition improves. Rather than changing my skills here, I'm using as much as I can. For that, I think I just have to practice playing with confidence. One game is important, so I think I'll have to look at the one game in front of me right now and pour everything into it."

Shin Yubin is famous as a fan of 'BTS'.

I usually enjoy listening to BTS' music, but before the Olympics, in an interview before the Olympics, "I am preparing to listen to BTS' 'Dope' (slang meaning great). I want to show my 'cool' side at the Olympics." has expressed its aspirations.

I asked if he had relaxed by listening to 'Dope' as he was preparing for the first Olympics in his life, and he got an unexpected answer.

"That's it. My confidence was low and I tried to listen to it when I was afraid. I didn't lose my confidence, so I saved it. Hahaha. I'm preparing for the Olympics in Tokyo, and as much as you cheered me on, I'll repay you with the best possible match. Fighting! Oh, the Olympics are hot again SBS Fighting!"