In response to the severe criticism of Yokozuna Hakuho's approach and actions at the Grand Sumo Nagoya place, the Japan Sumo Association's President Hachikaku directly spoke to Hakuho about the content of the criticism at the regular board meeting on the 21st. I showed the idea to convey.

Yokozuna Hakuho won the championship for the 45th time at the Nagoya place where he showed his intention to move forward and backward, but he showed a big drop from the partition line with Masayo on the 14th day. In addition, in the efforts with Terunofuji of Chiakiraku, he raised and put up a sword, and after deciding to win, he clenched his fist and shouted.

The Yokozuna Deliberation Committee raised the issue of such sumo wrestling at the meeting on the 19th, and Chairman Hironori Yano said, "It is unsightly. I was harshly criticizing it.

At the regular board meeting held on the 21st, Sumo Association's spokesman Shibatayama revealed that President Hakuho had expressed his intention to directly convey the content of the criticism to Hakuho.

Mr. Shibatayama, the director of public relations, said that he "does not know" when and what kind of content will be communicated to Hakuho.