Data map: On April 13, the second round of the China-Korea Women's Olympic Preliminary Match kicked off in Suzhou.

The picture shows the Chinese women's football team in the game.

Image source: Visual China

  Chinanews Client Beijing, July 21st (Reporter Xing Rui) Starting on the 21st, Beijing time, the Tokyo Olympics football and softball games will start before the opening ceremony.

The much-watched Chinese women's football team is also about to usher in its debut in the Tokyo Olympics. The women's football girls will fire the "first shot" of the Chinese Olympic delegation in this Olympics.

  In the women's football group match this afternoon, the first opponent of "Clang Rose" is the South American powerhouse Brazil women's football team.

This is the sixth time that the Chinese women's football team has embarked on the Olympic journey. Since the women's football team became an official Olympic event in 1996, the Chinese team has only missed the 2012 London Olympics.

  As of today, only three days have passed since the Chinese women's football team departed from Beijing to Japan. Although not far away, the team did not arrive in Miyagi, Japan until the early morning of the 18th due to a series of measures such as entry and epidemic prevention.

But after a short break, the whole team began to resume training to warm up for the first game of the Tokyo Olympics.

  At the pre-match press conference held on the 20th, coach Jia Xiuquan said that the Chinese women's football team is ready: "We will meet the game in our own way and play our own things."

Data map: Wang Shuang in the Olympic qualifiers play-offs.

  The big list for the Olympics is mainly Mesozoic players.

In addition to famous players such as Wang Shuang, Wang Shanshan, and Wu Haiyan who are well-known to the fans, there are also a number of new faces such as Miao Siwen, Liu Jing, and Wang Yanwen.

Talking about the candidates for the Olympics, coach Jia Xiuquan once said: "We need to give young players some opportunities. I think they are the future of the Chinese women's football. They may not be famous for some players not on the list, but I think for this Olympics. Is the most suitable."

  In contrast to the Brazilian women's football, age has become their biggest disadvantage.

The oldest in the formation, Formiga is 43 years old, and the core figure Marta is also 35 years old.

Although the Brazilian team has more experience in the competition, in terms of physical fitness, the young Chinese women's football team is undoubtedly more dominant.

  Recalling the play-offs of the Tokyo Olympic qualifiers in the previous few months, the Chinese women's football team was able to bring down the South Korean team with its abundant physical fitness and embarked on the last train to Tokyo.

Now that a more dynamic lineup is sent to face Brazil, physical fitness and tenacity may become a weapon for the Chinese women's football team to fight against a strong enemy.

Data map: On February 10, the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Women's Football Asian Qualifier Group B match was held in Sydney.

The Chinese team (red) defeated the Chinese Taipei team 5-0, won the group qualifying, and advanced to the play-offs.

The picture shows a group photo of Chinese women's football players before the game.

China News Agency reporter Tao Shelan

  In history, the Chinese women's football team has also had many clashes with the Brazilian women's football team.

The most impressive thing is that in the semi-finals of the Atlanta Olympics, "Clang Rose" staged a wonderful reversal.

At that time, the Chinese team scored two goals in a row after falling behind 1:2, and finally advanced to the final 3:2.

  Although the Chinese women's football team finally lost to the United States in the final, but since that Olympic Games, "Clang Rose" took to the world stage, and later wrote the glory of the golden generation of Chinese women's football.

  All the way to the present, the Chinese women's football team has had a glorious moment of winning the world runner-up, and there has also been a low point of missing the Olympic Games.

In recent years, the women's football team that has completed the transition between the new and the old has begun to bottom out. The new generation of women's football players represented by Wang Shuang has gradually become familiar to the fans.

Data map: On February 7, a 6:1 match, the Chinese women's football team defeated the Thai women's football team in the first match of the Olympic preliminaries.

The picture shows the Chinese women's football team celebrating Li Ying's goal.

  Before the start of the Olympics, the women's football girls have been intensively training and preparing for more than a month at the National Training Base of the Chinese Football Association.

But because there is no international competition, women's football can only play friendly matches and team teaching matches with men's football in China.

  In Jia Xiuquan's view, the Brazilian women's football team is a strong team with rich experience and star players.

He hopes that in the game, the Chinese women's football team can play with confidence, play their own characteristics, quickly find the starting point, and quickly enter the state.

  A few months ago, Jia Xiuquan told the players: "Tokyo Olympics, we are not spectators, not participants, but competitors." Now, it is less than 24 hours before the Chinese women's football team played.

I hope that the women's football girls will play with the momentum and spirit of the team and bring a "good start" to the Chinese Army.

  Attachment: Chinese women's football schedule (both Beijing time)

  July 21st 16:00 Chinese Women's Football-Brazil Women's Football

  July 24th 16:00 Chinese Women's Football-Zambia Women's Football

  July 27th 19:30 Dutch Women's Football-Chinese Women's Football (End)