Pitcher Hirokazu Sawamura of the Major League Baseball Red Sox pitched in relief against the Yankees on the 17th and was hit by two consecutive home runs, becoming the first losing pitcher in the Major League Baseball.

Pitcher Sawamura pitched as the second pitcher in the 6th inning, tying 1: 1 in the Yankees match in New York, the home of his opponent.

The first batter struck out with a missed strikeout, but the following 4th batter hit a home run, and the 5th batter also hit a home run and got off the mound.

Pitcher Sawamura threw a third inning and scored two goals.

The game was interrupted due to rain at the end of the 6th inning, and it became a cold game as it was, the Red Sox lost 1 to 3, and pitcher Sawamura became the losing pitcher for the first time after transferring to the major leagues.

On the other hand, Reds player Shogo Akiyama started in the 7th center against Brewers on the 17th, with no hits in 2 at bats and one walk.

Akiyama was sent a pinch hitter in the 9th inning and retired, with a batting average of 20%, 1 minute and 6 minutes.

The Reds lost 11 times in the tiebreaker, 4-7.