When the British F1 race starts on Sunday at 5 pm on the Silverstone motorway, Kimi Räikkönen is breaking another stunning record.

Räikkönen, 41, who started his F1 career in 2001, will start in Silverstone for the 20th time in his career.

- The 2007 world champion is making history again when he becomes the first driver in the British GP to have raced 20 times in his F1 career on the same track, Autosport tweeted.

Räikkönen will start the race from the starting box 13. In Friday's time, he was 17th, but managed to rise four places in Saturday's first F1 sprint.

Räikkönen already holds several F1 records, such as the most race starts (338) and the most races (268).

Räikkönen started his F1 career at Sauber in 2001, after which he drove at McLaren in 2002–2006.

Räikkönen won the F1 championship in 2007 with a Ferrari, which he drove until 2009.

He then took a couple of years of sabbatical from the F1 circus.

Räikkönen returned to the tracks on Lotus 2012. On Ferrari, “Iceman” cannoned again in 2014–2018, and now the third season is underway on Alfa Romeo.