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Max Verstappen won the first experimental sprint race of Formula 1 on Saturday at the Silverstone circuit.

The Dutchman beat his big title competitor and home favorite Lewis Hamilton.

Due to the victory in the seventeen lap race, Verstappen will start from pole position in the Grand Prix of Great Britain on Sunday.

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With the win, Verstappen took three World Cup points, bringing him to a total of 185.

Hamilton took two in second place and follows with 152 points, 33 points behind Verstappen.

Third place, good for one point, went to Valtteri Bottas, Hamilton's teammate at Mercedes.

Verstappen, who started second, was better off than Hamilton at the start and immediately took the lead.

In the first lap, the World Cup leader was still under pressure from his British rival, who wanted to put his car next to it in the fast Copse corner.

Verstappen, however, had the inside and was able to easily repel that attack.

The Limburger then checked the gap on Hamilton and apparently drove to the finish without any problems.

The medium tires of his Red Bull showed some wear in the second half of the race, especially at the front left.

However, Hamilton also suffered from this.

Bottas started surprisingly on the soft tires, but didn't take advantage of that.

However, the Finn could keep Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc behind.

Monegask, who started fourth and on medium tires, also crossed the line in fourth.

Max Verstappen was much better off than Lewis Hamilton and took the lead at the start

Max Verstappen was much better off than Lewis Hamilton and took the lead at the start

Photo: Getty Images

Nice duel between Alonso and the McLarens

Behind the battle for the first three places, there was a good fight between Alpine driver Fernando Alonso and the McLarens of Lando Norris and Daniel Ricciardo.

The experienced Alonso had started eleventh, but was one of the few on the soft tires.

With a great start, the two-time world champion rode to fifth position.

Norris and Ricciardo then struggled to pass Alonso again.

George Russell crossed the line in ninth in his Williams.

Whether the young Briton can also start from that spot on Sunday is still the question.

Russell was involved in a fierce duel with Carlos Sainz who started behind him in the opening phase, with the Ferrari driver being pushed off the track.

Verstappen's teammate Sergió Perez had a nasty afternoon.

The Mexican spun off the track in the opening phase at the exit of the fast Maggots and Becketts corners and appeared to have damaged his car too much.

Red Bull called Pérez in just before the finish, so that the team can still work on the car for Sunday.

In principle, it is no longer allowed to work on the cars of the finished drivers.

The Grand Prix of Great Britain starts on Sunday at 4 p.m.

Top ten sprint race

  • 1. Max Verstappen (Red Bull Racing)

  • 2. Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes)

  • 3. Valtteri Bottas (Mercedes)

  • 4. Charles Leclerc (Ferrari)

  • 5. Lando Norris (McLaren)

  • 6. Daniel Ricciardo (McLaren)

  • 7. Fernando Alonso (Alpine)

  • 8. Sebastian Vettel (Aston Martin)

  • 9. George Russell (Williams)

  • 10. Esteban Ocon (Alpine)