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Olympic soccer team suffered a painful come-back defeat in the final mock exam against powerful France. With the last-minute task of stabilizing the defense, the national team boards a flight to Tokyo after a while.

Jeong-chan Lee is a joke.

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national team took the lead in the 18th minute of the second half, with wildcards Hwang Ui-jo and Kwon Chang-hoon as starting points.

Lee Dong-jun, who was breaking through quickly, stumbled and fell by a French defender and took a penalty kick.

As the kicker, Chang-Hoon Kwon completely deceived the goalkeeper and calmly shook the net.

However, Kwon Chang-hoon immediately disappeared, followed by Hwang Ui-jo in the 37th minute of the second half, and the team's concentration dropped significantly.

In the 38th minute of the second half, he was unable to block a one-touch pass that led through the loose defensive organization and gave Muani an equalizer, and 6 minutes later, a ridiculous mistake was made.

Mbuku's shot headed straight in front of the keeper, but Song Bum-geun, who he believed in, spilled the ball through his crotch and lost 2-1.

Maintaining a defense that allowed two goals in two games in a row has emerged as the most urgent task.

[Kim Hak-beom/Olympic soccer team coach: I showed you a mistake you shouldn't make. I plan to prescribe it well so that this kind of problem does not occur in the finals.]

Another problem is that there are not enough front-line striker resources to replace Hwang Ui-jo.

[Hwang Eui-jo / Olympic soccer team striker: I think it is important for strikers to learn how to play in more detail.] While

wildcard Kim Min-jae's trip to Tokyo was canceled due to opposition from his team, Kim Hak-beom-ho, who replaced Park Ji-soo, had a decisive battle this morning. Move to Tokyo and start adapting to the local area.