Takumi Shirasuna, who holds the number one record in the world ranking in the class of men's javelin throw and arm disability, has been nominated for the Tokyo Para-Athletics and Japan national team on land.

At the track and field of the Tokyo Paralympics, the allocation of 43 players that Japan has already won has already been completed, but an additional recommendation slot has been given by the international sports organization, and the Japan Para-Athletics Federation has newly represented Shirasuna. I have been unofficially decided.

With this, the number of Japanese national teams on land facing the Tokyo Paralympics will be 44, including 25 boys and 19 girls.

Shirasuna is 24 years old from Kitahiroshima Town, Hiroshima Prefecture.

This May, at the Para-Athletics test tournament held at the National Stadium, he marked 60 meters and 63 centimeters, which is the number one in the world ranking this season, in the men's javelin throw and arm-impaired classes.

Shirasuna, who will be participating in the Paralympics for the first time, said, "I can stand on the big stage with the support of everyone. I will be grateful and practice well for the rest of the period so that I can live up to my expectations. We will do our best to produce good results. "