(Tokyo Olympics) Interpretation of the list of the Chinese delegation: the strongest lineup of the old and new combination group "post 00" shows the greatest expectations

  China News Agency, Beijing, July 14 (Reporter Wang Zumin) The list of the Chinese delegation participating in the Tokyo Olympics was released on the 14th, which means that the preparation for the Olympics, which has been extended to five years due to the new crown pneumonia epidemic, is coming to an end.

  This list is a "summary" of this Olympic cycle, and it is also a forward-looking fulcrum of what the Chinese Army will do in the Tokyo Olympics.

  -The largest scale.

  At the 2016 Rio Olympics, the Chinese delegation consisted of 711 people, including 416 athletes, which was the largest time China participated in the Olympic Games overseas at that time.

  Today, this record of the scale of overseas participation has been refreshed again: the Tokyo Olympic Games has a total of 777 Chinese sports delegations, including 431 athletes (298 female athletes and 133 male athletes). Both the total number and the number of athletes surpass the Rio Olympic Games. .

  ——The most complete coverage.

  The Tokyo Olympics has 33 major events and 339 minor events. The Chinese sports delegation signed up to participate in 30 major events and 225 minor events except surfing, baseball and softball, and handball. .

Among them, table tennis, badminton, weightlifting, diving, synchronized swimming, trampoline, archery, kayaking still water, modern pentathlon, mountain biking, golf, three-person basketball, rock climbing, etc. have registered for the competition.

  At the Rio Olympics, the Chinese delegation participated in 26 major events and 210 minor events.

  ——The strongest lineup.

  Among the 431 athletes participating in the Tokyo Olympics, there are 24 Olympic champions in 11 events, among which 19 are the Rio Olympic champions including Zhu Ting, Ma Long, Zhong Tianshi, and Zhao Shuai.

  In addition, more world champions will compete for gold and silver in various events.

In particular, the three "dream teams" of table tennis, diving and women's weightlifting are basically composed of world champions.

  The Tokyo Olympics continued the tradition of the Chinese Legion with the old and the new. Pang Wei (shooting), Wu Jingyu (taekwondo), Gong Lijiao (track and field), and Dong Dong (trampoline) were all the "four dynasties" of the Olympic Games.

  Compared with the Rio Olympics, the percentage of newcomers participating in the Olympics for the first time in the Chinese Legion’s trip to Tokyo has decreased (67.98%, and 73% for the Rio Olympics). This also means that many teams from the Chinese Olympic delegation have already been in Rio. After completing the replacement of the old and the new, the Chinese Legion, which is about to embark on the Tokyo Olympic journey, will become more mature.

  -Most foreign teachers.

  With the deepening of reform and opening up, more and more foreign coaches have become the new force for China to build a sports power.

  At the Tokyo Olympics, 30 foreign teachers from 19 countries including the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, and France will join the Chinese Army, covering 17 events including track and field, rowing, water polo, and rugby.

  During the Rio Olympics, the Chinese delegation had 29 foreign teachers from 11 countries including the United States and Germany. At the 2012 London Olympics, the Chinese delegation had a total of 11 foreign teachers from 8 events.

  The joining of these foreign teachers is also one of the reasons why China has achieved more comprehensive coverage of Olympic events and made major breakthroughs in many fields.

  ——The greatest expectation.

  At the Rio Olympics, the “post-00s” made it to the Olympic stage for the first time. At that time, the 15-year-old Ren Qian won the women’s singles 10-meter platform gold medal and became the first “post-00s” Olympic champion in China.

  Nowadays, the performance of the "post-00" teenagers who represent the future of Chinese sports has become the biggest expectation of the outside world.

  Diving, gymnastics and other events that often use "Home Alone" are among the most "post-00s".

Table tennis "little witch" Sun Yingsha, swimming "little flower" Wang Jian Jiahe and Li Bingjie, this year's female wrestler Li Wenwen, who broke three world records this year, female gunner Yang Qian, who assumed the responsibility of the first Olympic gold medal, and women's volleyball "genius player" Li Yingying, etc. They also have the label of "post-00".

  It is hard to predict how many gold medals the Chinese delegation can win in this Olympics, but it is predictable that there will be a group of "post-00" teenagers in the Chinese Legion, who will usher in the culmination of their lives in Tokyo 10 days later.