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A great national team tournament, be it the European Championship or the World Cup, always contributes to the consolidation of budding stars.








respond to that profile, with the Italian goalkeeper as the great standard of the tournament, named MVP, being the first goalkeeper to achieve it (the award has been awarded since 1996). This Euro has also served to confirm the importance of already established or even veteran players, such as











And of course to make known footballers who until now had gone unnoticed by the general public, the case of






Gianluigi Donnarumma (Italy)

There have been goalkeepers with more saves (31 from the Swiss


) and with fewer goals conceded (two from the English


), but none has been as decisive for their team as the new PSG footballer.

It was in the final, stopping the last two penalties from




, as it had also been in the semifinals, frustrating




The Eurocup consolidates him as one of the best goalkeepers in the world and makes him a national hero for Italy.

His is the MVP with full merit.



Joakim Maehle (Denmark)

Surely, the great revelation of the championship with



Nobody expected much from a left-winger who is actually a right-back and who is not even the undisputed starter at his club, Atalanta, but he has been key to the great performance that semi-finalist Denmark has delivered.

He has played every possible minute, scoring two goals and serving an assist.

Arguments that make him win the battle against men who have acted on the right side, the least notable demarcation of the tournament in general.

Leonardo Bonucci (Italy)

The position could have also been filled by his inseparable

Giorgio Chiellini

, but his two goals in the final against England tip the balance in his favor.

He scored the equalizer and then successfully executed his penalty in the shoot-out, as he also did against Spain.

It is now 34 years old but it is still one of the most complete and safest plants in the world.

The Eurocup rewards a long career in the 'Nazionale' and propels him towards the World Cup in Qatar.

Leonardo Bonucci.AFP

Harry Maguire (England)

He begins to be one of those footballers who has a special love affair with national team tournaments.

He already shone in the last World Cup and he has done it again in the Euro, leading the defense with the fewest goals of the entire tournament.

His dominance of the passing game (he has won 21 games and only lost three, in addition to scoring a goal from a corner) has been decisive and consolidates him as one of the best center-backs in the world, despite his rough appearance and lack of speed.

Luke Shaw (England)

If the European Championship had been held when it should have, surely he would have seen it on television.

However, he regained with Manchester United the high level that he showed when he was younger and took the starting position with his team on his own merits.

Consistent in defense and brave in attack, he leaves the tournament with three assists and the goal that uncorked the final, the fastest ever seen in the last match of a European Championship.


Sergio Busquets (Spain)

The best footballers are valued better when they are absent than when they are there and that is what has happened in this European Championship with the Barça footballer.

Spain was one during his loss by Covid and another when he returned to the team, from the match against Slovakia.


Toni Kroos

, he was the midfielder with the most passes per game (82) and the highest percentage of completions (73%).

And even above his performance on the pitch, his ascendancy over the group has contributed to consolidating

Luis Enrique's



Sergio Busquets.AP

Jorginho (Italy)

The revolution in Italy would not have been possible without their participation.

From the position of midfielder, in the image and likeness of Busquets, he gives meaning to the combinatorial football for which

Roberto Mancini

has successfully bet


He missed his penalty in the final, but scored the decisive one against Spain.



(also born in Brazil), he has been proclaimed European champion of clubs and national teams in the same course, a milestone equal to only 12 other players in all of history.

Pedri González (Spain)

Luis Enrique already said it and he was right: "I have not seen Pedri in this European Championship at the age of 18 to anyone in the European Championship, World Cups or Olympic Games, nor to Don

Andrés Iniesta

. It is something out of all logic."

After a strenuous season with Barça in which only one game (the last) was lost, the Canarian midfielder has played every minute (except one) of the Eurocup.

His dynamism and his reading of the game has allowed Spain to finish the tournament as the team with the most attacks and the second with the most shots, after Italy.


Federico Chiesa (Italy)

He started the tournament as a substitute for


, but his performance in overtime against Austria catapulted him into the starting eleven.

In that match he scored a goal and repeated in the semifinals against Spain.

In a selection that at times has sinned horizontality, it has acted as a catalyst, providing verticality, overflow and finish.

Also in the final, in which he altered the dynamics of the match until he had to retire due to injury.

Along with Donnarumma, the greatest certainty for the future that the Italian team has.

Patrik Schick (Czech Republic)

Finish the Eurocup as the top scorer, with five goals.

Yes, tied with

Cristiano Ronaldo

(the official award is for him for adding an assist), but the merit of achieving it with one team and another is incomparable, as are the expectations that both generated.

And he is also part of a team that gave the surprise by sneaking into the quarterfinals.

His goal from midfield against Scotland will remain to be remembered, undoubtedly the best of the entire championship.

Patrik Schick.EFE

Raheem Sterling (England)

Despite his performance in the final, in which he went completely unnoticed (he did not even take a penalty), the City winger has been the best player of the

Three Lions

during the tournament and his most differential element in attack, mitigating the late activation of



In the group stage he scored both goals for his team, scored another against Germany, gave an assist against Ukraine and participated in both goals against Denmark.

Little more could be asked of him.

According to the criteria of The Trust Project

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