Sumo Nagoya place is the 9th day.

Yokozuna Hakuho will win on the 8th day of the Chunichi Dragons at the place where he intends to move forward and backward, and will play against Chiyotairyu of the flat curtain on the 12th.

In Nagoya, Yokozuna Hakuho, who returned from six consecutive holidays, and Ozeki Terunofuji, who took the rope, won eight consecutive victories from the first day and won the middle day of the 11th. Nowaka and Ichiyamamoto are following.

On the 12th of the 9th day, Hakuho played against Chiyotairyu, the 4th frontal player.

Hakuho has won all nine matches in the past.

It is worth noting how Hakuho shuts down the goodness of the opponent and brings it to an advantageous form against the horsepower of Chiyotairyu who pushes from a powerful hit to the edge of the ground at once.

Terunofuji is the best with the 5th Okinoumi Ayumi in the front.

Terunofuji is overwhelming with 12 wins and 3 losses in the competition results of the two who are good at four sumo wrestling.

Terunofuji is perfect if you put your chest together.

However, in the past battles, there were some efforts that gave in to unexpected pulling techniques, and I would like to win the game with the calm sumo that I am showing everywhere now.

In addition, the three losers will face Chiyoshoma with the 10th frontal Tamashiki, Chiyo no Kuni with the 11th frontal Kotonowaka, and Chiyomaru with the new opening Ichiyamamoto.