The Tokyo Olympic torch relay was scheduled to be held in Tokyo from the 9th, but due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, it was canceled on public roads in most areas, and a ceremony to light the torch with a torch. Will be done.

The final relay of the Olympic torch relay that went around the country was scheduled to be held from 9th to 15 days in the host city, Tokyo, but due to the spread of infection, it was canceled on public roads except for the islands. Will be done.

Instead, a "torch kiss" will be held in which the runners who were supposed to run will connect with the torch.

On the 9th of the first day, the torch kiss will be held in Machida City in the afternoon, as well as the unveiling ceremony of the torch that arrived in Tokyo at the venue in Setagaya Ward, which was the starting point in the morning.

Only interested parties can participate to avoid crowding.

The man who served as a relay companion at the last Olympics

Runners who were planning to run the torch relay say they are grateful for the opportunity for the ignition ceremony, even though they are sorry that they cannot run on public roads.

Osamu Nakano (70) ran in the local city of Hamura last time as a companion to the torch relay at the 1964 Olympic Games.

Mr. Nakano who was a junior high school student.

Even now, more than 50 years later, I still remember that time well, and said, "Everyone in the neighborhood association came out on the road and supported me."

This is the second Olympics, and Mr. Nakamura has been preparing to run 8 kilometers every day since he was selected as a torchbearer.

However, the relay on public roads will be stopped, and instead a "torch kiss" will be held in which the runners connect with the torch.

It's a completely different form from the previous relay where many people gathered along the road.

Mr. Nakano said, "I think it was better to run on the public road because it will be remembered by the people who support me, but I have to accept it. I am really grateful to be able to torch kiss and I want to pass the torch to the next person properly." I'm talking to you.

Relays on public roads Canceled or shortened in 24 prefectures

The Tokyo Olympics Holy Fire Relay departed from Fukushima Prefecture, the area affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake, on March 25, and has traveled to 46 prefectures nationwide over 106 days.

As a countermeasure against the new coronavirus, it has been implemented while calling for avoiding congestion along the road, but the implementation method has been changed, such as stopping relays on public roads and shortening the distance in 24 prefectures. It was.

Of these, all relays on public roads were canceled in 11 prefectures such as Osaka and Hokkaido. In Osaka, the circuit course was set up at the Expo '70 Commemorative Park, and in Hokkaido, etc., only the ignition ceremony was held instead of the relay. I did.

Also, in 13 prefectures such as Ehime and Okinawa, we have reduced the scale by partially canceling relays on public roads and shortening the distance.

On the other hand, in a series of torch relays, a total of 11 people were infected with the new corona in four prefectures, including staff and other personnel involved in the work and police officers for traffic regulation.

It is an unusual torch relay that has changed significantly from the original drawing, such as boosting the momentum for the Tokyo Games, as the infection has not subsided in various places.