The short-distance track and field men's sprint camp for the Tokyo Olympics has begun in earnest, and members of the men's 400m relay aiming for the gold medal practiced.

The training camp held in Fujiyoshida City, Yamanashi Prefecture, is attended by representatives of the Tokyo Olympics men's sprint events, with the exception of Sani Brown Abdul Hakim, who is coordinating overseas.

The players will start full-scale practice from the 9th, and Shuhei Tada, Ryota Yamagata, Yuki Koike, Yoshihide Kiryu, Day Bruno, etc., who are members of the men's 400m relay aiming for the gold medal, will be in their respective conditions. I made adjustments while checking.

Tada, who has a good start and is a candidate for one run, and Yamagata, who has a Japanese record of 9 seconds and 95 seconds and is expected to be an ace, both practiced the start dash and showed a light movement.

In addition, Kiryu, who finished 5th in the Japan Championship due to the pain of the Achilles tendon, has vowed to play an active role as a relay member, and on the 9th he ran about 30 meters on the grass to check the condition of his legs. I did.

The baton pass, which is said to be the key to Japanese medals, was not practiced on the 9th, but this training camp, with the addition of new members, was a two-week tournament with the main purpose of learning the baton pass. Attention will be paid to how much the accuracy of the baton pass can be improved.