The Tokyo Olympics will be held without spectators at all venues in Tokyo, Kanagawa, Saitama, Chiba, and 1 metropolitan area and 3 prefectures.

It is the reaction of the players and the director.

Judo Men's Director Inoue "Fighting to Accept No Audience"

Judo boys and Japan national team coach Kosei Inoue said, "There is no doubt that cheering will be a big force for the players, but considering the current situation, we have to accept non-spectators and fight. In any case, the best performance I want to prepare so that I can do it. "

Shohei Ono, who is the representative of the men's 73 kg class and will win the Olympics for the second time in a row, said, "I think it is definitely better for athletes to have a spectator and play the game." I am grateful to all the people involved for their efforts at the event, and I would like to give back to the supportive power as a result. "

In addition, Katsuyuki Masuchi, the female coach of the Japanese national team, said, "For the players, it is more motivating and encouraging to include the audience, but we cannot control this. I think this will be important so that we can demonstrate it. "

Badminton Momota "I will do my best to give back"

Kento Momota, a Japanese ace who will participate in the badminton men's singles for the first time, said, "Thanks to the efforts of various people, the tournament is in front of me. I want to do my best to give back so that I can give back. "

Nozomi Okuhara, who participates in the women's singles, said, "I feel that the presence or absence of spectators is very big, so I would like to play with cheers if possible, but I hope that even non-spectators can reach the other side of the screen. I wish I could do what I could to the best of my ability. "

Yuki Fukushima, who is ranked number one in the world for the first time in the women's doubles, said, "I'm more disappointed. I wanted to see it, but I'm honest that it can't be helped." did.

Wakana Nagahara, who will participate in the women's doubles for the first time, said, "I have a feeling that I wanted to play a match in the presence of spectators at the Olympic stage. I want to accept it firmly. "

In addition, Mayu Matsumoto, who forms a pair, said, "I'm not spectator, so I'm not nervous. I hope we can accept it and play ourselves in any situation." Did.

Wrestling boy Takatani "For a tournament that proves the power of sports"

Sosuke Takatani, a wrestling men's freestyle 86 kg class player who will participate in three consecutive Olympic games, said, "It is inevitable to be unattended, and I will do my best as a player, but I will bring my family to the London Games and Rio de Janeiro. I couldn't take him to the tournament, and since it was held in my own country, I wanted to show it live, "he said unfortunately.

On the other hand, regarding the significance of holding a tournament in the corona, "I think it will be a tournament that proves what the power of sports is. There are people who support each player, I think that's the power of sports, as the circle of people expands and becomes more and more lively. "

Athletics boy Izumitani "Everyone is watching in front of the TV"

Shunsuke Izumiya, the representative of the 110-meter hurdles for track and field men, said, "I have a desire to show people a live performance that impresses people. I think that is a good thing about sports, so it's sad to be unattended. I feel like I'll do what I do even if there are no spectators, so I'd like to do my best thinking that everyone is watching in front of the TV. "

On the other hand, Ryuji Miura, the representative of the men's 3000m steeplechase, said, "It's sad that there is no spectator and no cheering. I think it will come. I think that the spectators who were looking forward to the Olympics will also have a disappointing result. Still, I will still run, so I will do my best to make people who support me on TV happy. I want to show the results. "

Men's soccer player Nakayama "A hot match that feels something"

The three games of the Japan national soccer team's qualifying league will be held in Tokyo, Saitama, and Kanagawa, and all will be unattended.

Yuta Nakayama, the Japanese national football team, said, "I can imagine that the event would have created a home atmosphere for us, but in this situation, we cannot say that we want customers to come in." Did.

On top of that, "I think it's a great honor to be able to hold the Tokyo Olympics that we have been aiming for in this situation, so even if there are no spectators, I feel something for everyone by watching the game through the screen. I want to have a hot match that I can get. "

Sports Climbing Narasaki "Enliven Your Feelings"

Tomoa Narasaki, who will participate in the Olympics for the first time in a new sport climbing, said, "I'm very sad that there are no spectators, but I think it can't be helped if it's decided. I think it's important to create and excite yourself. "