The Grand Sumo Tournament in Nagoya will be on the 6th day, starting today on the 9th.

Yokozuna Hakuho, who has won five consecutive victories so far, will be challenged by Hokutofuji of the flat curtain.

At the Nagoya place, after the 5th day, Yokozuna / Hakuho and Ozeki / Terunofuji, the place of Tsunatori, have won 5 consecutive victories and are pulling the place.

On the 9th of the 6th day, Hakuho will be challenged by Hokutofuji, the third frontal piece.

Hakuho, who had an operation in March, was worried about the condition of his right knee, but in the early game, he was able to overcome the dangerous scene of showing his back to the opponent with good movement, and he has been accumulating white stars.

I would like to sharply step into the opponent who has won the past 8 wins and 3 losses to close the distance and overcome the strong push.

On the other hand, Hokutofuji wants to keep moving forward from the push that he is good at and decide the game with a quick sumo wrestling.

Terunofuji will play against the second frontal Ichinojo.

Terunofuji has won 8 wins and 2 losses in the past, and if Ozeki, who overcomes the pressure, takes the lead, it will be superior.

Ichinojo is a place where you want to take advantage of the weight of 200 kg and attack slowly to see if you can win.

From the 3rd day, Ozeki and Masayo, who lost 3 consecutive games, will be challenged by Kotoeko, the 4th in front.

First of all, Masayo wants to stop the losing streak and rebuild.