The Tokyo Olympics, which took two weeks in nine days until the opening, will be held in all venues in one metropolitan area and three prefectures, including Tokyo, without spectators due to the re-expansion of the new coronavirus infection in Tokyo. became.

The unusual tournament, where most of the competition venues are unattended, will require a major overhaul of management in the short time before the opening, and it will be asked again what can be left in the tournament. ..

Two weeks later, the treatment of spectators, which was the focus of the Tokyo Olympic Games, which will start on the 23rd of this month, will be held on the 8th at a meeting between the Games Organizing Committee, the government, and the IOC = International Olympic Committee. It has been decided that the venues in Saitama and Chiba will be held without spectators.

The Tokyo Olympics, which was postponed for the first time in history due to the spread of the new corona infection, will change the treatment of spectators two weeks before the opening, and will be an unusual series of competitions where most of the competition venue will be unattended.

The Organizing Committee will be forced to make a major overhaul of the Games management, such as volunteer placement plans, bus operations that were planned to transport spectators, and restructuring of the medical system, in the short term remaining.

In addition, what can be left for the future of the Olympics and sports in the absence of spectators, which is indispensable for the success of athletes, will be asked again.

At a press conference, Chairman Hashimoto of the Organizing Committee said, "I think being able to hold a tournament in the face of the big challenge of corona will become one big legacy."

To review the medical system

Since it has been decided that the Tokyo Olympics will be held in 1 metropolitan area and 3 prefectures without spectators, the medical system is expected to be reviewed.

The Organizing Committee initially planned to have about 10,000 medical professionals work at the competition venues throughout the Tokyo Games, but due to the tightness of the medical field due to the influence of the new Corona, etc. In May, we announced a policy of responding to the Games with about 7,000 medical staff, which was reduced by about 30%.

At the press conference on the 8th, Secretary-General Muto of the Organizing Committee made it clear that most of the medical staff who had prepared for the audience were secured, and the event was held without spectators1. Since it is expected that the system can be reduced in the three prefectures of Tokyo, we are planning to make a review to reduce the burden on medical staff, such as reducing the number of days of activity and the number of people themselves.

Governor of Tokyo Koike "The Olympics are the catalyst for change"

Governor Koike of Tokyo, the host city, said at an extraordinary press conference held on the night of the 8th, "We were unattended from the perspective of controlling the flow of people and preventing the spread of infection. I think there are a lot of people who were there. I'm thinking of having an intestine, but I would like you to fully watch the tournament safely and securely with your family at home. "

In Tokyo, the spread of the infection has not stopped, and the fourth emergency declaration has been issued from the 12th, and restaurants that serve alcohol have been requested to take a leave of absence, and stronger measures will be taken.

Governor Koike said, "We believe that controlling the spread of infection and linking it to success as a safe and secure tournament will be a valuable legacy of Tokyo and Japan."

Also, when asked by a reporter, "There are people who have various thoughts about the declaration of an emergency, why do we hold the Games at this timing?" I hope that the power of sports will be transmitted to the world in various ways and will be encouraging, and that the Olympic Games will be a catalyst for change. "

US spokesman Saki "supports holding the tournament"

Saki, a spokesman for the White House in the United States, said at a press conference that the Tokyo Olympics will be held in one of the three prefectures in the Tokyo metropolitan area without spectators. He emphasized that health is a top priority, and we have been in close contact with the Government of Japan during the preparation process. We support the Games, "he said.

He also said that he was "still considering" whether Mrs. Jill, the first lady, would come to Japan at the time of the tournament, and announced that she would send an advance team to Tokyo this weekend.

Meanwhile, Dr. Fauci, who is dealing with the new coronavirus in the US government, said, "There is no reason why Mrs. Jill cannot visit Japan because strict infection control measures are to be taken at the convention."

French sports minister "I haven't overcome the fight against the virus yet"

France's Minister for Sports, Maracineanu, who will host the Olympics and Paralympics three years later, said on Twitter that the Tokyo Olympics will be held in one of the three prefectures in the Tokyo metropolitan area without spectators. It's sad that the athletes can't meet the audience. We haven't overcome the fight against the virus yet and we trust the Japanese authorities. "