On the 5th day of the Grand Sumo Tournament, Yokozuna Hakuho, who has won 4 consecutive victories, will be challenged by Ichinojo Takashi.

Yokozuna Hakuho, who has indicated his intention to move forward and backward in the Nagoya area, will win four consecutive victories from the first day, and on the 8th, he will be challenged by Ichinojo, the second frontal card.

Both are good at the shape of the right four and the upper left hand, and Hakuho has overwhelmed 12 wins and 3 losses in past matches.

However, Ichinojo named Venus at the place where he played last time in Nagoya.

It is advantageous if Hakuho steps in sharply in the presence and assembles into four.

However, Hakuho has not been assembled in fours except for the first day in the sumo wrestling up to the 4th day of the place, so it is important to see what kind of approach it will show.

Ichinojo wants to find a chance to win by taking advantage of the weight of 200 kg as in the previous match and continuing to move forward.

Terunofuji Ozeki plays against Hokutofuji

Terunofuji Ozeki, who won four consecutive victories at the place of the rope, is the third in the front and the best with Hokutofuji.

In the past, Terunofuji has won 5-3, and in the past year, he has won all 5 races.

It would be perfect if Terunofuji received the push of Hokutofuji and took the turn.

For Hokutofuji, if you hit hard in the presence and take a distance, and attack without placing Terunofuji in front of you, you will see a chance to win.

Masayo Ozeki, who suffered his second defeat on the 7th, has been working with Shosaru, who has won both of the past two matches.