The final day of the Tokyo Olympic torch relay held in Saitama Prefecture is the 8th of the 3rd day, 12 cities and towns from Kawagoe City to Ageo City are public roads, and the goal point Saitama City is a torch in the park. An "ignition ceremony" will be held to connect the two.

On the 7th, the second day of the torch relay, runners connected the torch in 15 cities and towns from Soka to Kumagaya.

On the 8th, a departure ceremony was held at "Kawagoe Castle Honmaru Gotenmae" in Kawagoe City, Tsurugashima City, Sakado City, Honjo City, Fukaya City, Arashiyama Town, Higashimatsuyama City, Yuikawa Town, Konosu City, Kitamoto City, Okegawa City, Relays are held on public roads in 12 cities and towns in Ageo City.

After that, the relay on public roads will be stopped because "Priority measures such as prevention of spread" are applied to Saitama City, which is the goal point, and an "ignition ceremony" will be held in the park, running about 10 meters to connect the torch.

The Games Organizing Committee and the Saitama Prefecture Executive Committee are calling for people to refrain from supporting the roadside and watch live broadcasts to prevent infection.