Shohei Ohtani of the Major League Baseball Angels made a full appearance in the Red Sox game on the 5th and hit a single hit instead of a long hit for the first time in a long time, but there was no home run, and the record for the most home runs of the season for Japanese players was carried over. ..

Otani, who hit No. 31 home run in the previous game and lined up with Hideki Matsui's record, started the Red Sox game in Anaheim, California on the 5th of his 27th birthday as the second designated hitter. I participated.

In the first at bat of the first inning, the changing ball with a lower in-course was struck out from the full count, and in the third inning, the second at-bat, which was greeted with 1 out first base, became a short ground ball with the bat broken by the in-course changing ball of the first ball. I did.

In the 3rd at bat of the 5th inning to chase 3 points, a change to the in-course in the scene of 1 out 2nd base A hit carried to the left middle while being stuck in the ball was hit and the 2nd base runner returned to the home, but it was judged to be out by video judgment Was covered and did not become timely.

Otani has been hitting long hits including home runs recently, and it was the first time in about three weeks since June 14th that he hit a single hit in the outfield.

The 4th at bat in the 7th inning was a left fly, and in the 9th inning, the batting average was 20% 7 minutes with 1 hit in 5 at bats. It became a turn at bat.

Red Sox pitcher Hirokazu Sawamura pitched in the 6th inning with a 3-point lead, with the second person from 1-out third base, all playing fastballs over 150 km and hitting the two to the second fly and third goro without allowing a goal. did.

Pitcher Sawamura went up to the mound seven times and lost one point in the solo home run, but this time he was replaced when Otani entered the turn at bat after taking two strikeouts.

Pitcher Sawamura threw one and one-third innings and scored one goal.

The Red Sox beat the Angels 5-4 in the match.

"Otani Pillow" for fans on their 27th birthday

On the 5th, when the match was held, Otani's 27th birthday was celebrated, and cushions with Otani's face printed were distributed at the stadium.

The cushion has a colorful design with a number of Otani's face photos printed on both sides, and was distributed to the first 14,000 fans.

There was a long line in front of the stadium gate, and when the fans received the cushion, they immediately took a commemorative photo in front of Otani's photo panel in the stadium.

According to the Angels, 38,201 people, the largest number this season, will enter, and a message celebrating Otani's birthday and a panel with the words "Otani Land" will appear on the stand, likened to a theme park near the stadium. Did.

On the other hand, SNS also posted the appearance of a person leaving the stadium before the start of the game with a large amount of cushions that can be obtained for each ticket, and even though the tickets were almost sold out, some of the stands were vacant. Was conspicuous.