The Grand Sumo Tournament in Nagoya will be held on the third day, and from the first day, Yokozuna Hakuho, who has won consecutive victories, will be challenged by Daieishō Hayato.

At the Nagoya location, Yokozuna Hakuho, who has been closed for 6 consecutive locations, has returned to the previous location due to the effects of surgery on his right knee, and is showing his intention to move forward and backward.

Hakuho, who started the winning streak, will be challenged by Daieishō, who is the first player on the 6th of the 3rd day.

In past matches, Hakuho has won with 7 wins and 2 losses.

I will play against the opponent of push sumo for the first time at this place, but it seems that the key to the game will be whether or not I can catch the opponent's push in the presence and bring it in the form of taking a turn.

Daieishō wants to continue attacking with a lot of effort, which he is good at.

Terunofuji of "Tsunatori" who won the championship at Ozeki in the previous place also won two consecutive wins, and it is a match against Takanosho's second frontal victory.

In the past, the match was 2 wins, 2 losses and 5 minutes, but in the last two matches, Terunofuji has won together with severe pressure.

Terunofuji, who is showing a calm sumo wrestling at the moment, has a definite advantage if he takes a turn.

In addition, in the Ozeki team, Masayo, who won the second straight victory, played against Endo, and Takakeishō played against Akio Shinkoyui.

Takakeishō was unable to move for a while under the ring after the efforts on the 5th.

According to his teacher, Tokiwayama, he has hurt his neck and will decide whether to participate on the 6th.

Takayasu Sekiwake, who had been closed from the first day due to a backache, will participate from the 6th and will play against Ichinojo, the second frontal piece.