The Japan National Baseball Team for the Tokyo Olympics has announced that it will convene additional pitchers Kodai Senga from Softbank and Hiromi Itoh from Nippon-Ham Fighters.

The Japanese national baseball team announced the unofficial members of the Tokyo Olympics last month, but both pitchers Kota Nakagawa and Tomoyuki Sugano declined due to a broken left rib and poor condition.

For this reason, it was announced that Softbank's ace, pitcher Senga and Nippon-Ham's rookie, pitcher Ito will be convened on behalf of the two.

Pitcher Senga left in the game on April 6 due to an injury that damaged the ligament of his left ankle, but returned to the actual battle in the game of the 3rd army on the 17th of last month and continues to make adjustments for returning to the 1st army. ..

Pitcher Ito joined Tomakomai Komazawa University in 1st place in the draft, and started the starting rotation from the first year, starting in 12 games with a fastball of around 150 km and a variety of changing balls centered on sliders, 6 wins and 4 losses. , Marking an ERA of 2.65.

This is the second rookie to join the team, following pitcher Ryoji Kuribayashi of Hiroshima.

Chiga "Thank you for choosing yourself"

Softbank pitcher Kodai Senga is 28 years old from Aichi prefecture.

In 2011, he joined Gamagori High School in 4th place in the training draft, and was registered as a controlled player in the second year.

With a powerful straight of 161 km at the fastest and a forkball with a large head, he has won double digits for the fifth consecutive year since 2016, and last season has the most wins, the best ERA, and the most strikes and pitchers. I won the title.

This year, before the spring camp, he hurt his calves and was late for the start, and on April 6th, when the starting pitcher hit his body, he injured his left ankle ligament and left. did.

We returned to the actual battle in the match of the 3rd army on the 17th of last month, and we are continuing to make adjustments to return to the 1st army.

As a representative of Japan, he participated in the 2017 WBC = World Baseball Classic, pitched in 4 games including relief, left a record of 1 win and 1 loss, ERA 0.82, only one from Japan, excellent by position Selected as a player.

After being selected as a member of the adult "Premier 12", he declined the representative due to a sense of discomfort on his right shoulder.

Pitcher Senga said, "Since the time of the camp, I have been asked by Director Inaba and Coach Tateyama to do it. I was unluckily injured, but with the words I received in my heart. I feel that it has been rewarded that I have been rehabilitating for the pitcher. I am grateful for choosing myself who has not been thrown in the 1st army this season. I want to prepare and help the team. "

Ito "I want to be proud of the play that can contribute to the team."

Nippon-Ham Fighter Hiromi Itoh is 23 years old from Hokkaido.

It is a rookie who joined the team from Tomakomai Komazawa University in the first draft.

After graduating from high school, he went to Komazawa University, but dropped out in the fall of 1st year and re-entered the local Tomakomai Komazawa University. I acted as a restraint for the Japanese national team.

A full-fledged right-handed pitcher with a variety of fastballs and sliders that exceed 150 kilometers, he started the starting rotation from the start of his first year as a pro, and has pitched in 12 games so far, 6 wins and 4 losses. The ERA marks 2.65.

Especially in the interleague game, he climbed to 3 games and won 3 wins, with an ERA of 0.90 and 20 strikeouts.

Pitcher Ito said, "I am very honored to have been selected. I want to play responsibly and contribute to the team while keeping in mind the thoughts of the players who declined. It's an honor and I think it will be a special experience for my future baseball life. I will do my best for the team. "

Inaba's comment

Director Atsunori Inaba said about pitcher Senga, "One of the leading pitchers in the world of baseball. I think that if you put out what you have, regardless of the batters on the left and right, the result will come naturally.・ Experience of middle pitching in Baseball Classic is also a big weapon. "

Regarding pitcher Ito, "I'm doing my best as a starting pitcher during the season, but I also appreciate the height of relief suitability. I can throw well on the in-course, the slider control is good, and it is difficult to respond at first sight. I think. I want you to pitch yourself with your own mound courage. "