China News Service, July 5th. On the evening of July 4th, Beijing time, the 2021F1 Austrian Grand Prix ended at the Red Bull Ring circuit.

Verstappen, who started from pole position, took the lead all the way to the last laugh, taking the three links and three consecutive championships in the past three races.

Bottas and Norris won second and third places, and Hamilton ranked fourth and missed the podium.

Verstappen was on the podium for the 50th time in his career.

Image source: F1 official Weibo

  At the start of the race, Aokang, who was on the 17th grid, collided with Mick Schumacher and Giovinaz, and the car rushed out of the track to trigger a safety car.

The race resumed on the 4th lap, Bottas surpassed Hamilton, and Perez, who started on the third place, rushed into the buffer zone in a fight with Norris and fell to 10th.

  Norris was penalized for 5 seconds for pushing Perez out of the track, and Hamilton completed the overtaking on lap 20 to reach second.

Sainz and Leclerc of the Ferrari team overcame the disadvantages caused by poor qualifying performance and gradually chased to the forefront.

Ricardo of the McLaren team also rose to the top five at one point.

  On lap 31, Norris pitted and completed the time penalty. After exiting the pit, Bottas, who also finished the pit stop, overtook him and fell to fourth.

Halfway through, Perez, who had reached the milestone of the 200th game of his career, was fined 10 seconds for constantly pushing his opponent out of the track during the fight with Leclerc.

The final ranking in Austria.

  Bottas kept approaching his teammate Hamilton and completed the overtaking on lap 53 to move up to second place.

Verstappen, who has made the fastest laps one after another, is still on top, leading Bottas by more than 22 seconds.

Before entering the last 10 laps, Red Bull, Mercedes, McLaren and Ferrari still occupy the top eight positions.

  On lap 66, Sainz surpassed his teammate Leclerc to go to seventh, and Alonso surpassed Russell on lap 68 to enter the top ten.

On the last lap, Sainz continued to surpass Ricardo in sixth place; Raikkonen had a fierce collision with Vettel, and both cars rushed into the gravel area and failed to finish the race.

  In the end, Verstappen, who started from pole position, led the way, winning pole position and championship honors at the same time for three consecutive races. This is also his fifth championship this season and the 50th time on the podium in the Dutch career.

Bottas finished runner-up, Norris was third, and the drivers ranked 4th to 10th were: Hamilton, Perez, Sainz, Ricardo, Leclerc, Gasley and Alonso.