The track and field representatives of the Tokyo Olympics have been announced, and 30 new athletes have been appointed as representatives, including Sani Brown Abdul Hakim of the men's 200 meters and Asuka Terada of the women's 100 meters hurdles.

Yoshihide Kiryu has been appointed as a member of the men's 400m relay.

The Japan Association of Athletics Federations has selected athletes who have exceeded the standard participation record for the representatives of the Tokyo Olympics, up to a maximum of three athletes from each category, and athletes who have reached the top of the world rankings and are qualified to participate.

So far, 35 men, including Shuhei Tada and Ryota Yamagata, who have been unofficially decided at the Japan Championships last month, have been nominated for marathons and racewalking.

On the 2nd, in addition to this, 30 new unofficial offers were announced based on the world rankings.

Yuki Koike, who was 4th in the Japan Championships, was selected as the third person in the men's 100 meters.

Koike has declined the men's 200 meters that had been unofficially decided, so Sani Brown, who has broken the standard record of participation in the three 200 meters, Jun Yamashita and Shota Iizuka, who got the right to participate in the world ranking, have been unofficially decided. did.

Sani Brown and Yamashita are the first Olympics.

In addition, Day Day Bruno, who finished second in the men's 100 meters in the Japan Championships, and Kiryu, who was fifth, have been nominated as members of the men's 400 meters relay.

Day Day athletes are the first Olympics.

In addition, in the women's 100-meter hurdles, both Terada and Masumi Aoki, who are lined up in the Japanese record, have been nominated as the first representatives in the world ranking, and veteran Ayako Kimura has also been nominated as the second Olympic representative.

As of the announcement on the 2nd, the total number of Japanese national teams on land at the Tokyo Olympics has reached 65.

Newly announced informal players of various types

It is a job offer player of various items newly announced on the 2nd.

▽ Men's 100 meters Yuki Koike.

Koike declined the 200-meter dash, which had been unofficially decided, in order to give priority to the 100-meter dash.

▽ Men's 200m Sani Brown Abdul Hakim, Jun Yamashita, Shota Iizuka.

▽ Day Bruno and Yoshihide Kiryu as members of the men's 400m relay.

▽ Men's 400-meter Walsh Julian player.

▽ Men's 5000 meters Hiroki Matsueda and Yuta Bando.

▽ Men's 400-meter hurdles Daimu Yamauchi.

▽ Men's high jump Naoto Tobe, Eto * Takashi. * The bottom of the sun is the "back".

▽ Men's pole vaulter Seito Yamamoto and Masaki Ejima.

▽ Men's javelin thrower Takuto Konan.

▽ Men's 1600m relay Rikuya Ito, Ikuto Kawabata, Kentaro Sato, Aoto Suzuki.

▽ Women's 100-meter hurdles Asuka Terada, Masumi Aoki, Ayako Kimura.

▽ Women's 1500m Ran Urabe and Nozomi Tanaka.

Tanaka is the second unofficial offer following the 5000 meters.

▽ Women's 3000m steeplechase Yuno Yamanaka.

▽ Women's 400m relay players Kayori Aoyama, Mei Kodama, Aimi Saito, Reimi Tsuruta, Yu Ishikawa.

▽ Kaori Kawazoe of the women's 20km racewalking.

▽ For the women's 5000 meters, Hitomi Niiya, who had been unofficially decided, declined to concentrate on 10,000 meters, and Kaede Hagitani was unofficially decided.