Shohei Ohtani of the Major League Baseball Angels has been decided to participate in the All-Star Game for the first time in the fourth year.

Otani has indicated his intention to participate in the home run competition that will be held the day before the All-Star Game.

The Major League Baseball Home Run competition is an event that began in 1985 and takes place the day before the All-Star Game.

Past winners include Barry Bonds, Ken Griffey, Aaron Judge and other major league baseball hitters.

Normally, eight players will be selected from among the players who will participate in the All-Star Game, but if there is a player who declines or is injured, a player who will not participate in the All-Star Game will also be selected.

Eight players compete for how many home runs they can hit in a four-minute time in a one-on-one tournament, and if they hit two home runs with a flight distance of 134 meters or more, "bonus time" The time you have will increase by 30 seconds.

This method has been used since 2015, and some players decline due to fatigue because they will have to hit for at least 12 minutes in three matches to win the championship.

In response to this situation, the Major League Baseball Organization has been quiet (2019), raising the winning prize to 1 million dollars, which is eight times the 125,000 dollars of the previous year, and about 110 million yen in Japanese yen.

Since the All-Star game was not held last season due to the influence of the new coronavirus, the home run competition itself will be held for the first time in two seasons.

Also pay attention to the flight distance of the hit ball

In this year's home run competition, attention is likely to be focused on the flight distance of the hit ball.

The reason is in that stage.

Coors Field, in Denver, Colorado, where the All-Star game will take place, is home to the National League Rockies.

Opened in 1995, it measures approximately 106 meters on both wings and 126 meters in the center.

The biggest feature is its altitude.

Since it is located at a high altitude of about 1600 meters, it has the characteristics of low air pressure, low air resistance, and extended flight distance, and is known as a stadium that is particularly advantageous for batters in the major leagues.

According to the Rockies, the flight distance is 9% longer than in a stadium at the same altitude as the sea level.

At this stadium, Otani has also hit an oversized hit in the past.

Although it was a batting practice before the game, in May 2018, the first year of the major league, he hit an estimated 150 meters to reach the third floor of Wright.

One of the best hitters in the major leagues also expressed their intentions one after another

In addition to Otani, some of the best hitters in the major leagues have revealed their intentions one after another.

The Blue Jays' Guerrero Jr., who has hit 22 home runs in both leagues, said at the press conference, "I'm leaning towards participation."

Tatís Jr., who also has 22 home runs in the Padres, said he had been asked to participate by the Major League Baseball, but did not disclose his attitude.

In addition, Alonso of Mets, who won the previous home run competition in 2019, said, "I want to participate and protect my title," and is eager to participate.

Meanwhile, the 2017 Yankees judge said, "I'm not thinking about participating in a home run competition and I'm not interested in it so far."