After the disappointing knockout of the last 16 at the European Football Championship, the Dutch national coach Frank de Boer has resigned.

The KNVB announced this on Tuesday after a joint analysis at the association's headquarters in Zeist.

De Boer only took up the post as bond coach in autumn 2020 as the successor to the popular and successful Ronald Koeman, who had switched to FC Barcelona thanks to an exit clause.

A successor for the 51-year-old de Boer had not yet been decided.

"We did not achieve the objective, that is clear," de Boer was quoted in the communication. According to KNVB information, the minimum goal of the EM quarter-finals was anchored in his contract. “Even before the evaluation interview today, I decided that I didn't want to continue,” said de Boer and emphasized: “When I was asked in 2020 whether I would like to become a bond coach, it was a great honor and challenge for me. But I was also aware of the pressure that would be on me right from the start. "

This pressure is "now increasing," explained de Boer.

"And that is not a healthy situation, neither for me nor for the team with a view to such an important game for Dutch football on the way to World Cup qualification." KNVB now present a successor.

Sports director Nico-Jan Hoogma pointed out that "speed is of the essence" when looking for a successor.

EM-Aus against the Czech Republic

“Despite all of Frank's efforts, we did not manage to reach our minimum goal of the quarter-finals. Then it is clear that the situation is being evaluated, ”said the former Hamburg Bundesliga professional. “We had bet on a better EM, we didn't succeed. The choice for Frank didn't work out as we had hoped. ”Oranje started qualifying for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar with a defeat in Turkey and two wins against Latvia and Gibraltar.

At the European Championships, the Oranje team was eliminated 2-0 against the Czech Republic on Sunday after a disappointing performance in the round of 16. After that there was severe criticism of de Boer. Even before the tournament, the ex-professional was criticized for playing in a 5-3-2 format instead of the 4-3-3 system, which is sacred in the Netherlands. After the three victories in the group stage in Amsterdam against Ukraine, Austria and North Macedonia, however, the criticism had subsided somewhat. The Elftal felt they were on the right track at their first major tournament since 2014. The end against the Czech Republic in Budapest came as a surprise. After that, de Boer could no longer be held.