On the 29th, the second day of the Tokyo Olympic Torch Ceremony will be held in Kanagawa Prefecture.

In response to the cancellation of the torch relay on public roads in Kanagawa Prefecture, a ceremony will be held on the 29th at a park in Sagamihara City where a torch runner will transfer the torch from torch to torch.

The torch relay in Kanagawa Prefecture was initially scheduled for three days from the 28th, and runners were scheduled to run in 15 cities and towns in the prefecture.

However, due to the influence of the new coronavirus, all relays on public roads have been canceled, and alternative ceremonies are being held on the same schedule.

On the 28th of the first day, about 90 runners performed a "torch kiss" to transfer the torch from the torch to the torch and ignited the torch plate in a park in Fujisawa City.

On the 29th, a ceremony such as torch kiss will be held at Hashimoto Park in Sagamihara City, and about 80 runners will participate.

On the final day, the 30th, a ceremony will be held in Yokohama.