“We are still figuring out the details ourselves.

It happened last night.

About the same thing happened as with Eriksen.

Moreover, the person lost consciousness at the very beginning of the game, that is, there were no joints or fatigue as such.

Plus, the game was in the evening, that is, it was already cool, there was no heat, ”Sport24 quotes Smirnova.

According to him, the LFL still does not know the cause of death, as well as the player's name, since he was not originally in the application.

He stressed that this is the rarest case in the league and now work is underway to establish the identity of the football player.

Smirnov noted that a friend called the deceased to take part in the match.

“He received the first necessary help from the doctors who were on the field while the ambulance was driving.

But it was in the equipped intensive care unit that he went later.

While the ambulance was driving, the emergency call doctor consulted the doctors who were on the field by phone.

I repeat, now we are finding out all the details, ”added Smirnov.

Earlier it was reported that the medalist of the 2017 World Cup in track and field athletics Abdalelah Harun died.