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8:00 p.m .

: Time to eat something after the Czechs' qualifying against the Netherlands and I'm yours.


8:00 p.m .: HELLO EVERYBODY !!

Welcome home for this BIG BIG match that awaits us from the round of 16, between Belgium and Portugal.

A favorite is coming home tonight, yum yum.

Ok, Germany-England is not bad either, but the biggest poster of these round of 16 is this devilishly exciting Belgium-Portugal.

The defending champion qualified in pain in the Blues group, and if Ronalo seems well on his feet, the collective will have to raise the level to get in tune with the Belgians, impressive in the wake of Kevin de Bruyne .

The relationship on the ground between the Citizen and Romelu Lukaku is fully functioning and constitutes the primary weapon of the Belgians.

We will feast.

>> We meet around 8:45 pm for the antenna connection, come in large numbers!

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