One of the African Uganda athletes who arrived at Narita Airport on the night of the 19th due to the pre-camp for the Tokyo Olympics was confirmed to be infected with the new coronavirus by airport inspection.

This is the first time that an infection has been confirmed in an overseas team.

Nine Ugandan athletes, including boxing, weightlifting, swimming athletes and coaches at the Tokyo Olympics, arrived at Narita Airport around 6 pm on the 19th.

According to the Cabinet Secretariat, one out of nine athletes conducted a PCR test at the airport and found that they were positive for the new coronavirus.

All Ugandan teams had been vaccinated twice locally with AstraZeneca vaccine and had a negative certificate of the test they received within 72 hours before leaving the country.

This is the second time that an overseas team has visited Japan since the postponement of the Tokyo tournament was decided, but it is the first time that a positive result has been confirmed.

The symptoms of one person who has been confirmed to be positive are unknown, but they will not be admitted to the country until they are confirmed to be negative and will spend time at a facility designated by the country.

On the other hand, the other eight people confirmed that they were negative, so they boarded a dedicated bus around 1 am on the 20th and departed for Izumisano City, Osaka, where they will hold a preliminary training camp.

Hidemasa Nakamura, chief of the Games Organizing Committee and Main Operations Center, said that one of the athletes from Uganda, Africa, who came to Japan for the pre-camp for the Tokyo Olympics, was confirmed to be infected with the new coronavirus. I've heard that the athletes are quarantined. We will continue to take safety measures so that the operation of the playbook, which is a guideline for infection control, will work. "