Soccer, Myanmar national team player who refused to return to Myanmar where the military crackdown on citizens continues and indicated his intention to apply for refugee recognition to Japan, visited a temple in Osaka where he was staying on the 20th, and his family was safe. I wished.

Myanmar national team Pyae Lyan Aung, who came to Japan for the second qualifying round of the Soccer World Cup in Asia, showed his intention to protest the troops who continue to suppress the citizens during the match against Japan last month, and will be punished if he returns home He has indicated his intention to refuse to return home, leave the team, and apply for refugee status soon.

On the 20th, Pie Lian Aung visited a temple in Osaka where he was staying with his supporters.

Since the coup d'etat in February in Myanmar, many citizens have been sacrificed by the crackdown by the military, and Mr. Pie Lian Aung prayed hand in hand while reading sutras by the chief priest and tears many times. I was wiping.

In addition to praying to the victims, Pie Lian Aung hoped that his family would be safe and that peace would return to Myanmar as soon as possible.

"I prayed for Myanmar to become peaceful as soon as possible. I would like to ask the Japanese people for their support," said Pie Lian Aung.