China News Agency, Beijing, June 20. Beijing time on the 20th, in the European Cup "Death Group" F group competition, the German team lost to the French team in the first match, defeating the defending champion Portugal 4:2, the French team with Draw with the Hungarian team 1:1.

The Spanish team in Group E also suffered a tie, and the current two qualifying situation is quite complicated.

  After losing to the French team in the first game, the German team must defeat the Portuguese team in this campaign to master the initiative.

After the start of the game, the German team quickly took the initiative and frequently launched attacks on the opponent's hinterland.

Less than 5 minutes into the game, the German team Gosenz swept the goal from a small angle, but Gnabry was declared invalid because of offside; in the 15th minute, Cristiano Ronaldo pushed and scored to help the Portuguese team lead 1-0.

With this goal, Ronaldo updated his European Cup finals to 12 goals.

  After conceding a goal, the German team increased its offensive and put a lot of pressure on the Portuguese team's defense. As a result, the Portuguese team Dias and Guerrero gave their opponents an "own goal" in the 35th and 39th minutes respectively, conceding a goal first. The German team completed a 2:1 reversal before the end of the first half.

  Easy side to fight again, the Portuguese team's defensive loopholes are still obvious.

The German team succeeded in successive attacks by Havertz and Gosens.

Although in the 67th minute, Ronaldo returned a pass from the bottom line and assisted Jota to get a goal, but in the end the German team won the game with a score of 4:2.

  In another game of Group F, the French team drew with Hungary 1:1.

In this campaign, the world champion France wasted many chances to score goals, and in the end, Griezmann scored to equalize the score after conceding a goal first.

Germany and Portugal both scored 3 points after two rounds, 1 point behind the "leading" French team in this group.

France will face Portugal in the final round, and Germany will play Hungary at home.

  After being tied by Sweden in the first round, Spain tied with Poland 1:1 at home in Sevilla. After two rounds, they only ranked third in Group E with 2 points, and Poland ranked third in Group E with 1 point. Fourth, the two teams that were expected to qualify before the game are currently ranked low, and the final round of Group E is full of variables.

  Sweden, currently ranked No. 1 in Group E, has 4 points and will face Poland in the next game; Slovakia has 3 points closely behind and will face Spain in the next game.

All four teams have retained the possibility of qualifying.