F1 team The early season of Mercedes Valtteri Bottas has been rocky.

After six races, Bottas, 31, is only sixth on the drivers ’leaderboard.

Rumors of Bottas being kicked out of the championship have intensified again.

According to the strongest allegations, Mercedes and Williams, one of the jumbo garages, would change drivers already in the middle of the season, at the latest after the season.

Bottas would move to Williams, and Williams ’future British star George Russell to Mercedes.

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- The same questions, the same speculation, it belongs to the species.

It’s a little too early to answer, Bottas acknowledged before the French GP running this weekend.

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In reality, Bottas gets excited about his stable place and extension contract for a long time, even next winter.

That’s what Mercedes team manager Toto Wolff said under the French GP, according to Motorsport.

Mercedes is looking to sign a new follow-up deal with seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton during the summer break, that is, in August, Motorsport says.

There is no hurry to fill the second stable place.

Wolff was asked when news of Hamilton’s teammate would then be available.

- Sometimes in winter.

But I don’t know if it’s in December, January or February.

According to Wolff, the ball is in Bottas: can he prove he is worth a stable place?

The Austrian was asked what Bottas had to do to get a follow-up contract.

- Drive hard on Saturdays and Sundays.

If he does, he will put himself in a good position for next year.

Toto Wolff said Bottas' extension cardboard may have to wait a long time.

Photo: Xavi Bonilla / DPPI / ZUMA / MVPhotos

Wolff also assured that Mercedes will select its driver based on performance.

That is, the team does not go out to modify its lineup just for the sake of variation.

The third practice of the French GP will take place on Saturday at 1 pm and time trials at 4 pm. The race will start on Sunday at 4 pm.