"I feel happy, inspired and humbled before the assignment and thank the union for the trust.

Swedish ice hockey and junior ice hockey engage and affect many people and we will continue to do so, ”says Hävelid in a press release from the Swedish Ice Hockey Association.

Hävelid, 49, is currently the national team captain for the U18 national team.

Montén has led the Junior Crowns since 2016 with the World Cup silver 2018 as the best result.

“My absolute focus right now is on the upcoming season and the JVM in Edmonton.

It has been fun and cool years where there were unfortunately only five physical JVMs due to covid-19, but I enjoy every day at work and now we look forward to finishing with a gold in Edmonton 2022 ", says Montén.

The ice hockey association also announces Ulf Lundberg's contract as the national captain for Damkronorna has been extended over the 2023/2024 season.

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The expert: Sweden has slipped behind the top nations