On Thursday, the Italian Maurizio Buscaglia extended his contract as national coach of the Dutch basketball players until 2023. Under Buscaglia's leadership, the 'Orange Lions' qualified for the European Championship of 2022 this year.

Buscaglia, 52, was appointed in 2019 as the successor to Toon van Helfteren.

Under the leadership of Van Helfteren, the basketball players took part in the European Championship in 2015 for the first time in more than 25 years.

"It was a nice process, in which we took many steps together," said Buscaglia, who was also head coach of the Italian club Brescia last season in addition to the national coach of Orange.

"The people at the union with their knowledge, the staff, the players, everyone has helped me from the start in a very professional way to make me feel like a 'Lion'. There was a click from the beginning and that is partly the secret of our success."

The basketball players play their European Championship group matches in Prague against the Czech Republic, Poland, Finland, Israel and Serbia.