China News Agency, Beijing, June 17, 115:66, the Chinese men's basketball team beat the Chinese Taipei team in the Philippines on the 17th, harvesting two consecutive victories in the 2021 Asian Cup men's basketball qualifiers.

  In the first game of the Asian preliminaries on the 17th, the battle between China and Japan, which was not the main lineup, ended with the Chinese men's basketball team winning 66:57.

But this game with low scores and many turnovers obviously did not meet the requirements of the Chinese coach Du Feng.

He believes that some young players slackened after a big lead, causing the score to be forced to close for a while.

He requires that the players, regardless of winning or losing, must maintain a "fighting" state throughout the game.

  This time against the Chinese Taipei team, which is also not the strongest lineup, the Chinese men’s basketball team has maintained a “high pressure” posture. After leading by 37:16 in the first quarter for 21 points, the second quarter ended with 67:32. The first half was already. Basically laid the victory.

  In the second half, the Chinese team, who dared not slack anymore, continued to expand their results.

After ending the third quarter with 91:47, he finally won the second consecutive Asian preliminaries with a huge advantage of 49 points ahead of his opponent.

  All 12 players from the Chinese team played in the battle, and all scored. Six of them scored in double figures. Wu Qian, Lu Wenbo, and Liu Chuanxing tied for the highest score (16 points).

  But in the second quarter of this campaign, Shen Zijie, an inside player from the Shenzhen team, fell to the ground and got injured. The injury was worrying.

Prior to this, many generals including Yi Jianlian, Guo Ailun, Wang Zhelin and others in the current Chinese men’s basketball team have withdrawn from the national team due to injuries. In addition to participating in the Asian preliminaries, the Chinese men’s basketball team is more important. In the Tokyo Olympics defeat in Canada in late June, the Chinese men's basketball team could no longer "cannot afford to hurt" after a large-scale loss of soldiers.

  After achieving two consecutive victories, there is no much suspense about the Chinese men's basketball team qualifying for the Asian Cup as the group leader.

According to the schedule, the Chinese men's basketball team will face the Japanese team and the Chinese Taipei team in the second round on the 19th and 20th.