Hiroshima catcher Tsubasa Aizawa, who had been appointed as the Japan National Baseball Team for the Tokyo Olympics, has declined to join the team due to an injury to his left foot, and Hanshin catcher Ryutaro Umeno is expected to be convened in his place.

On the 16th, the Japanese national baseball team announced 24 unofficial members of the Tokyo Olympics and selected Aizawa as one of the catchers.

However, Aizawa was replaced during the Seibu match on the 15th of this month due to a pain in his left leg, and his registration as a player in the 1st Army of the Day before yesterday was canceled.

According to people familiar with the matter, Aizawa has declined to represent the team because it is difficult to play at the Olympics, and Umeno of the Hanshin Tigers is expected to be called in from the same Central League.

Aizawa contributed to Japan's first victory by starting in four games including the final at the adult international tournament "Premier 12", and Director Atsunori Inaba "has the experience of Premier 12 to lead the pitchers. I want to do it. "

On the other hand, Umeno is the first player to be selected as the Japanese national team, and has won the "Golden Glove Award" for three consecutive years until last year with high defensive power and strong shoulders, and will run the top of the Central League this season. I am pulling Hanshin as the main player.