The Parken Stadium gave a "standing ovation" Thursday in Copenhagen in the 10th minute of the game between Denmark and Belgium to support Danish star Christian Eriksen, who suffered cardiac arrest in the middle of a match last Saturday.

In his absence, Denmark lost 2-1 to Belgium, which qualified for the round of 16.

The Parken Stadium in Copenhagen paid a vibrant tribute on Thursday to Danish attacking midfielder Christian Eriksen, who is in rather reassuring condition after suffering cardiac arrest on Saturday in the first game of his selection at Euro football.

In the 10th minute of the match against Belgium, the 25,000 spectators present in the stands of the Danish enclosure stood up to applaud their number 10, who had to be revived on the lawn by the rescue teams.

"All of Denmark is with you, Christian"

The game was also stopped to allow the 22 actors on the field to applaud the Danish star in turn.

In the stands, a banner was then displayed.

It said, "All of Denmark is with you, Christian."

After singing the Danish anthem at the top of their lungs, the audience then tried to carry their vibrant choirs to the nearby hospital room of their idol.

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The player will also have to have a cardiac defibrillator implanted, the Danish federation announced Thursday.

"This device is necessary after a heart attack because of disturbances in the rhythm" of the heart, she says.

The federation gives no indication of the consequences for the rest of the career of the 29-year-old Inter Milan player.

This decision, taken by specialists at the hospital where Eriksen is located, "was accepted" by the player and "confirmed by national and international specialists who recommend the same treatment," said the federation.

Victory of the Belgians

On the pitch, the Danish team believed for a long time to be able to annoy the Belgian semi-finalists of the last World Cup and thus pay even more tribute to Christian Eriksen. From the second minute, his striker Poulsen opened the scoring, making the "Parken" tremble like never before. But in the second half, the Belgians regained control of the match and scored twice (by Thorgan Hazard in the 55th then Kevin De Bruyne in the 70th) after two great collective movements. In the absence of Eriksen, Denmark therefore finally conceded its second defeat (2-1). For its part, Belgium is qualified for the knockout stages.