Vaccination with the new coronavirus began on the 17th for about 600 domestic athletes and coaches participating in the Tokyo Paralympics.

Vaccines such as Pfizer, a major pharmaceutical company, have been provided to athletes from each country and region participating in the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, and Olympic athletes have already begun vaccination.

The Paralympic Games were voluntarily held for about 600 athletes and coaches who may join the team, and inoculation began on the 17th.

Since some Para athletes have underlying illnesses and athletes taking medicine, inoculation is mainly performed by doctors who have received specialized training so that they can respond quickly in an emergency.

In addition, the venue will be held at the National Training Center in Kita-ku, Tokyo, where inoculations are being given to Olympic athletes, as well as at medical institutions in the Tokyo metropolitan area.

The second vaccination in Japan is scheduled to be completed by the end of next month, and according to the IPC = International Paralympic Committee, more than 80% of the athletes in each participating country are expected to be vaccinated before the competition.