Orix pitcher Yoshinobu Yamamoto was selected for the first time as the MVP = Most Valuable Player in professional baseball and interleague games.

The MVP of the interleague game is given to the most active player in the 12 teams, and pitcher Yamamoto of Orix, who won the championship for the first time in 11 years, was selected.

Pitcher Yamamoto is 22 years old in his fifth year as a professional.

He has a straight with a stretch of 150 kilograms, and in the interleague game, he pitched in 3 games and won 3 wins. He took 33 strikeouts at the top of the 12 teams and had an earned run average of 1.23.

In particular, in the match against Hiroshima on the 11th of this month, which was the third pitch in the interleague game, he showed perfect pitching with no runners up to seven times.

Pitcher Yamamoto said, "I am very happy that the team won the interleague game and I am honored to win the MVP. The match against Hiroshima was in good shape and I was very confident, but I still can't play a perfect game. I realized it, and I hope I can achieve it someday. "

In addition, Orix, who has moved up to 3rd place, will face a direct confrontation with Rakuten, the leader, who will be behind the leaders in the league match that will resume on the 18th.

Pitcher Yamamoto said, "This three-game series will be a very important match. The team is still getting better, so don't stop this momentum, throw a good pitch and be at the top at the end of the season. I want to do my best. "