China News Service Client, Beijing, June 17th. According to Kyodo News, the team from the National Institute of Infectious Diseases of Japan and Kyoto University summarized the estimation results. The number of infections may increase by 10,000 cumulatively.

Data map: Tokyo National Stadium, the main stadium of the Olympic Games

  According to the report, the team compared the Tokyo Olympic Games held in the form of accommodating spectators and held in empty venues.

It was found that even if the people out of the Olympics are suppressed, if the live audience is accepted, the cumulative number of infections by the end of September may increase by about 5,000.

And if the number of people going out increases significantly, this number may reach 10,000 in August.

  The Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee made it clear as early as March that overseas spectators are prohibited from entering Japan to watch the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

However, there is no final conclusion as to whether or not to allow local audiences to watch the game live.

  According to the plan, the Japanese government and the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee will announce the final results on the number of spectators around the end of this month.

According to Japanese media reports on the 16th, a person from the Tokyo Olympics revealed that the Tokyo Olympics is undergoing final adjustments to allow spectators to enter the stadium.

  The state of emergency in Japan's 10 prefectures and prefectures, including Tokyo, will continue until June 20.

It is reported that Japan’s Minister of Economic Rebirth Yasuhiro Nishimura said on the 16th that after the state of emergency is lifted, the maximum number of spectators for major sports events will be relaxed to 10,000.

Media interpretation believes that this means that the number of people in each game of the Tokyo Olympics may also reach this number.