Data map: Wei Qiuyue in the game.

  Chinanews client Haikou, June 16 (Wang Hao) On the 16th, the 2021 Global E-sports Leadership Summit and Tencent E-sports Annual Conference were held in Haikou.

The women's volleyball Olympic champion Wei Qiuyue shared his sports experience and insights during the event, and said that the e-sports players who will participate in the Hangzhou Asian Games next year will continue to surpass themselves.

  At the meeting, Ma Xiaoyi, senior vice president of Tencent Group, said that e-sports is becoming a new "super digital scene."

  He introduced that closer integration of cutting-edge technologies is the first driving force to promote the development of e-sports.

The connection of more people determines the vitality and social value of e-sports.

Responsibility and accountability are a powerful guarantee for the sustainable development of the e-sports industry.

The diverse and rich scene connections give e-sports unlimited value space.

  During the event, the "2021 China E-sports Sports Industry Development Report" was officially released.

The report pointed out that the total revenue of China's e-sports industry has surpassed North America and Western Europe, becoming the e-sports market with the highest revenue in the world.

Event scene.

Photo courtesy of the organizer.

  Olympic champion and Women’s Volleyball World Cup champion Wei Qiuyue shared her sports experience at the meeting. During the player period, due to severe knee joint wear, conservative treatment was not very good. She had to take painkillers every day and went to the hospital for three or four weeks. Five or six tubes must be drawn for each effusion.

  After the cartilage removal surgery on both knees, she experienced a long recovery period.

"This process is too painful, but I have a clearer understanding of love and the spirit of the women's volleyball team." Wei Qiuyue said.

  In Wei Qiuyue's view, whether it is women's volleyball or e-sports, it is enough if the full charm of competitive sports can make more people active.

"Of course I also hope that more girls can shine in e-sports, show off the spirit of Chinese women's volleyball team, and don't underestimate themselves. Every victory is won by themselves."

Wei Qiuyue was at the event.

Photo courtesy of the organizer.

  In the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games, e-sports will become an official event. This is a long-awaited game for many spectators.

  Wei Qiuyue sent a message to the Chinese e-sports players who will participate in the Asian Games next year: "Without day-to-day training, there is no women's volleyball spirit. Whether it is e-sports or other competitive sports, it is essential to constantly surpass yourself and beyond. I can only push myself into desperation to find a chance to transcend." (End)