Pitcher Yuki Kuniyoshi and Takuma Kato, who joined the professional baseball Lotte in exchange trade, held a press conference and showed their enthusiasm.

Pitcher Kuniyoshi and Kato, who joined Lotte in exchange trade, held a press conference on the 16th at ZOZO Marine Stadium, which is the base of Chiba City.

Pitcher Kuniyoshi is 29 years old in his 12th year as a professional.

He has an angled straight that makes the best use of his height of 1 meter and 96 centimeters, and joined from DeNA in a trade with pitcher Yuki Ariyoshi.

The uniform number is "92", which is the same as in the DeNA era.

Pitcher Kuniyoshi said, "I was frankly surprised, but I would like to contribute as a member of the Marines from now on. I have a characteristic of pushing straight with force, so I want to continue."

Kato is 29 years old in his 7th year as a professional player.

A catcher with a strong shoulder, he joined the team from Chunichi in a trade with Shohei Kato.

The uniform number is "66".

Kato said, "I want to do my best to seize the opportunity. I have a strong shoulder, so if I steal a base, I want to appeal from the defense side with the feeling of stabbing everything."

Manager Tadahito Iguchi said about pitcher Kuniyoshi, "I would like to expect pitching that will lead to victory," and about Kato, "the team's ERA and stealing prevention rate are sluggish, so I want you to pull it." I was expecting it.

Announcement of joining former Chunichi Romero

Lotte also announced the joining of pitcher Romero, who had been with Chunichi until last season.

Left-handed pitcher Romero pitched in 21 games with 8 wins and 10 losses and an ERA of 4.26, playing in Mexico this season.

Through the team, Pitcher Romero commented, "I am very excited to be able to join Lotte. I will do my best to contribute to the victory."

According to the team, the uniform number has not been decided, and the time to join the team is undecided.