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It's the break.

Russia logically leads against Finland.

Mirantchouk released his team in extra time… Logical.

45th + 2:

magnificent BUTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT from Russia signed Mirantchouk.

Rolled shot from the left into the skylight !!!!



: Six minutes of added time, six more minutes of happiness?

Not really. 


 : It is time for the freshness break to arrive for Finland, things are growing on the Russian side.


: The headline of Barinov (to whom I will not entrust my daughters to keep) on Pukki. 


HUGE OPPORTUNITY for the Russians.

The fleeing center of Kouzyaïev, at the far post, Ozdoïev is preceded by an incredible defensive gesture of a Finnish player !!!


: Pukki, he really has the profile to play Hellfest.

It's crazy.


: Dziouba, who must be at least 45 years old, cannot rest his head on a Russian center.


: Hard blow for Russia (I repeat what the BeIN consultant said), the right side Fernandes, affected, is replaced by Karavaëv.


 : Golovin (the Monegasque), it is a cut above very clearly the Finnish players but also many of his partners.


 : This Pohjanplao is untenable (and I struggle to write his name), his shot is blocked by the Russian defense.

The corner gives nothing.


: This panic in the Finnish defense !!

Not to mention the instant recovery from the goalkeeper ... 


: Word game festival on beIN Sport with the famous Pukki (which means Goat in Finnish).

Each in turn.


: We see little for the moment the Finnish star: Pukki (Brewster) (you have it?).


: Dziouba finds the post for Russia, but he was signaled out of play!



Ohhhh the opportunity for Russia!

Ozdoyev sends a missile above while he was five meters from the goal!

Nice collective action from the Russians who had fun in the Finnish area.


: Russia was still quite scared on this goal refused for really not much.


BUTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT from Finland !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CANCELED BY VAR ... for a small shoulder or even a hair.

It was signed Pohjanpalo!


 : Big start to the Russians.

The Saint-Pétersbsourg stadium gives voice.

Nice atmosphere.

Just over 30,000 spectators with a 50% gauge. 



2:59 p.m

.: The little advertising page on be IN Sport just after the hymns, it immediately cuts the emotion ...

2:57 p.m

 .: The Finland coach is a bit suspicious of Arsène Wenger (from far away), I think.

2:55 p.m .


The players enter the pitch.

Big pressure for the Russians who obviously suffered the mockery of the country since their jerk (3-0) against Belgium on Friday.

2:51 p.m


The Finns are nicknamed the Owls Grand Dukes.

New little explanation (I already gave it on Saturday)

In June 2007, during the Finland-Belgium match (Euro 2008 football qualifiers), an owl disrupted the match by mistaking the crossbars for a perch.

The game was suspended and following the victory of the Finns (2-0), the owl became the mascot of the Finnish selection which was called that of the Grand Dukes (Huuhkajat).

2:48 pm


A little reading on the victory of the Blues last night


Aymeric spent the night there to tell us everything about this first success of the Blues.


France-Germany: "We dominated" ... The Germans or the big comeback of seum 2.0

2:44 p.m .


Finland, the new Iceland?

We remember that in 2016, during the Euro in France, the Icelanders were quarter-finalists!

Eliminate by whom?


2:40 p.m .

A little QUIZ

 now ... (sorry I'm 43, I have references from the 80s)

2:32 pm

The Finnish composition, with the finnish gratin

(new edition of my joke): Hrádecký - Väisänen, Toivio, Arajuuri, O'Shaughnessy, Uronen - Lod, Schüller, Kamara - Pohjanpalo, Pukki.

# EURO2020 #FINRUS Official lineup!

The #END in 8th with a victory, you can believe it 🤪

- EURO 2020 🇫🇷 (@ EURO2020FR) June 16, 2021


p.m .

The composition of Russia

: Safonov - Dzhikiya, Diveev, Barinov - Fernandes, Ozdoev, Zobnin, Kuzyaev - Miranchuk, Dzyuba, Golovin.

[#FINRUS] The composition of the #RUS # EURO2020

- Footballogue⭐️⭐️ (@Footballogue) June 16, 2021

2:17 p.m.

Here I am ... Sorry for the delay, my office colleague wanted me to explain a contrepétrie.

Let's go for this live ...

Are you in the office?

Do you have a crazy desire to know what Finland is doing, maybe the surprise team of this Euro, against Russia?

This is where you should come later ... And I'm talking about football and not ice hockey.

The Finns, victorious (1-0) of Denmark on Saturday, in a meeting which will remain engraved in the history of football, can validate their ticket for the 8th this Wednesday in Saint Petersburg.

It wouldn't be nothing for a small nation like her.

And now we start to talk about the trajectory of the Icelandic neighbor, quarter-finalist of the Euro in 2016 (in France).

Opposite, the Russians took a rouste (3-0) against the Belgians and must react in front of their audience absolutely.


>> Live starts around 2:15 p.m.

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