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  • Postponed for a year due to the coronavirus pandemic, Euro “2020” is living its sixth day of competition.

  • This Wednesday morning, we are still taking advantage of the solid victory of the France team for its entry into contention against Germany on Tuesday evening. 

  • Three matches on the program today, with Italy and Finland in particular who can already qualify for the round of 16. 

And let's go for a new day in this Euro 2021. A beautiful day, obviously, since it is still attacked by the show of force of the France team last night against Germany.

The Blues were not flamboyant, but terribly solid and released a collective force that smelled good of the 2018 World Cup. For a first match - always complicated to manage, especially against such an opponent - that's all that we asked them.

On the program today, two matches in group A and one match in group B. Italy and Finland can already secure a place for the next round. 

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