The Japanese national basketball team faced the official match for the first time in a year and four months in the Asian Cup qualifying held in the Philippines, but lost to China 57-66.

On the 16th, the Japanese national basketball team played against China in the Asian Cup qualifying held in the Philippines, and faced the official game for the first time in one year and four months since February last year.

The number of candidates for the Tokyo Olympics is narrowed down to 20, but three people from overseas teams, such as Rui Hachimura, who belongs to the Wizards of NBA = American professional basketball, have not joined, and this tournament is 17 Twelve players will be selected for each match from the candidate players.

Japan, which ranked 42nd in the world ranking, returned to China, which ranked 29th in the world, with only 7 out of 31 shots excluding free throws in the first half, leading 20 to 32.

In the second half, Makoto Hiejima and Kosuke Kanamaru, who was selected as the MVP of the B League this season, narrowed the score difference by scoring a three-point shot with a high probability, but 57 to 66. I lost in.

After the final round on the 19th of this month, 17 candidates for the Tokyo Olympics, excluding overseas teams such as Hachimura, will be narrowed down to 15.