After the win in Monaco and the "roller coaster" in Baku, Max Verstappen is looking forward to the French GP this weekend.

The Red Bull driver also hopes to be faster than Mercedes on the permanent circuits.

The French GP will be held at Circuit Paul Ricard next weekend.

After two street circuits, it remains to be seen how he is doing for Verstappen.

"I feel good, but I'm sure Mercedes will be very strong again on the 'normal' tracks, so we have to keep pushing and keep improving until the end because it's never enough," said 23-year-old Verstappen .

"So far the season has been pretty good for us, but we have to remember that we still have a lot of races ahead of us. Leading in Abu Dhabi is all that matters."

A week and a half ago Verstappen was heading for a win at the GP of Azerbaijan, until he had a blowout shortly before the end.

He can now resign himself to his outburst.

"Of course I would have liked to win and we can say we were on track. But things like that can happen. Sometimes you can't control it," said the Red Bull driver.

Verstappen prefers to look to the future.

"We just have to keep going. We are still at the top of the championship."


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Verstappen happy with Pérez .'s performance

The victory in Baku went to his teammate Sergio Pérez.

The Mexican teammate is starting to show himself better after a short period of habituation.

"It's great to have two cars up front competing for the win and scoring the points," said Verstappen with satisfaction.

"Baku was a good example of how it should be done. It's great that 'Checo' has managed to widen the gap with Mercedes in the constructors' championship and that he is now third in the drivers' championship."

Next weekend, Verstappen hopes to hurt Lewis Hamilton again.

"Paul Ricard is a fast track with some fast corners. You have to be very careful with your tyres."

"There's also a lot of space on the track, which is obviously very different from the two street circuits we've just been to. I'm looking forward to getting back there and hopefully stepping onto the top step of the podium."

Verstappen has four points ahead of Hamilton in the World Cup: 105 at 101.

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